About Us

Portrilux is custom your photo on high gloss metal. Based in San Diego, California. From the start, we have taken pride in providing top-quality products and serving our community by processing photos of families, weddings, and vacations. We soon expanded our services to businesses, offices, hospitality.

We want to help you keep your most precious memories last forever. We actively recruit people with not just skill, experience, and talent, but with passion than ensures each photo is brought to life with expert care.

Every photo is color corrected by a member of the Portrilux team, to ensure the most vibrant color. We have various checkpoints throughout the printing and packaging process, to ensure that perfection comes standard with every Portrilux product. We believe in being there every step of the way and providing open communication and support for our customers, to ensure that they are 100% satisfied every single time.

At Portrilux we understand the importance of your wall worthy photos. They are the moments you cherish the most, the views that took your breath away, the loved ones you hold closest to your heart. We give each metal print the same attention we would give our own favorite photos. You can rest assured, your print is handled with love.