Modern prints for inspirational interiors.

Metal prints deliver striking color, clarity, and depth with every image.

How Its Made

We make each piece inhouse at our San Diego, Califonia facility.

Made in USA

Every single metal print is color-checked, printed, assembled, and packaged by our skilled team members in San Diego, California. We use the American aluminum, and source our materials ethically.

Durable Aluminum

We use a high-quality aluminum sheet that has been treated with a special coating that allows the ink to be infused directly into the
metal surface. At only 1/16", this material is lightweight and extremely durable.

When Image Matters

Once your Metal Print is finished, our team attaches your hardware directly to the back of your print. You just need one nail to hand up your print. Stay true to your vision with the extraordinary clarity and vibrancy of PortriLux.

Custom Metal Print

Elevate your space! Upload a image on our website and we will make it on metal for you.

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