Metal Prints Vs. Canvas Prints
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Metal Prints Vs. Canvas Prints

Feb 20, 2019

What is a Metal Print?

A metal print is when the dyes are infused directly onto metal — usually aluminum — sheets that have been specially coated and prepared for this particular use. You might also hear metal prints being referred to as metal prints due to the incredible detail and color depth the substrate offers. Designed of a single, sleek metal panel, metal prints give your photographs and other artwork a high-definition and modern look.

What is a Canvas Print?

A canvas print features your image printed onto a sheet of canvas. This is then stretched over a frame — a process known as gallery wrapping — before it’s ready to display. Canvas prints are often used for interior design projects

Metal Print Advantages

Metal prints provide the option for a frameless design. Not only does this give your artwork and photographs a sleek, clean and modern look, it also makes a print instantly available to use. Because a metal print doesn’t need matting, framing or any other kind of preparation, it’s ready to hang the minute you pick it up. You can also have your metal prints placed into a float frame if you prefer a more finished edge or don’t like the frameless look.

A key benefit that metal prints offer is longevity. Because aluminum is so durable, your metal prints will look as good in 20 years as they did the day you picked them up from the printer. In addition, the printer that you use is extremely important as well. A metal print will last for years if it includes a professional finish.

Metal prints are extremely versatile in where you can hang them. This is because they are both waterproof and resistant to scratches. A metal print is equally at home in a kitchen, playroom, garage, club or restaurant. No matter what the final destination is for your project, you can rest assured that it will look fantastic!


Canvas Print Advantages

Canvas prints are often used with framed artwork or photographs to provide a more visually appealing effect. Using canvas prints enables you to be more versatile when decorating instead of simply relying on framed prints alone. Because they are frameless, canvas prints are the ideal way to decorate any interior space if you want a free-flowing effect. Their pops of color can create focal points that really increase the beauty of the room.

Using a canvas print provides an added depth of both color and texture to any photograph or piece of artwork. Because they are not behind a glass, canvas prints don’t have a glare nor do they reflect the items near them.

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